Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I was so touched today when I learned through Lovelyn  
about the family 
who found Anika.
This story came from her blog and I have to share it.

A family of five (children 12, 11, 10 and 9) were given a box of clothes one day. Inside the box was two toddler girl shoes.  In that moment they knew that someday two little girls would be theirs and fill those shoes.  In 2008 they brought home the first daughter to fill those shoes. A few years later they came across a little girl named Anika, she saw her and knew right away this was her daughter, she couldn't explain it she just knew, but due to their family size they were turned down for her adoption. Sometime passed and Brandy, the mother, went on twitter and found a link to Love's blog talking about a little girl named Anika and then the picture she saw was the same girl who had her heart.
Russia has now decided to allow Anika to join their family. Their journey is not over and they still need our prayers to getting Anika all the way home.

I am in awe of this story and the power of faith/prayer. Lovelyn one day just came across this little girl with a sweet face and a name that her daughter shared. She was 2 1/2 and is HIV+ and was waiting on a home. I believe things happen for a reason and Lovelyn speaks about hearing a gentle wisper that her family was out there. Was she ever right and I'm thankful to know someone who acts on her wispers.

Thanks again to "My 9" who jumped on board and took part in the "Love for Anika"

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