Sunday, May 1, 2011

Who are my 9?

Her name is Anika
she is 2 1/2
she is awaiting a family to call her own
she is HIV positive.

I wanted to hear about her, pray for her and then go about my day. I wanted to make excuses why I had too much going on or how I didn't even have time to reach out. I couldn't! 

I am teaming up with Love from Moments with Love
to raise money toward the cost of her adoption. Lovelyn is trying to eliminate the financial barrier that could be keeping a family from adopting Anika. For the month of May she is looking for friends to get together to raise the $33,000 the adoption would cost.

I am looking for 9 of you to donate $20. Will you be my 9?

10. Stephanie O'Connor
9. Brandon O'Connor
8.  Chels O'Connor
7. Tommy Neal
6. Krissi O'Connor
5. Pam Mitsch
4. Jake Sharp
3. Amber Unkraut
2. Scott Keever
1. Kim Vail


  1. yaaaay!! thnk you, steph! so blessed by you & each person taking action for anika! looking forward to her family finding her!!