Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today is Good

There are so many reasons why today is good, here are 5....
I don't know if it was nature
or the Seattle cuisine 
but Nya has hit a growth spurt!
Her head measurements today have shown incredible change!
We are hopeful that the helmet won't be on too much longer.

Our place is rented! 
Deposit check is in hand.

 Along with "my 9"
(Brandon, Chelsea, Krissi, Jake, Tommy, Amber, Scott and Kim) 
and other teams for "Love for Anika" 
by Momentswithlove.blogspot.com
$7,600 has been raised for Anika's adoption fund! 
(thank you Colleen for  helping me spreading the word)

Family visits are on the calendar!

We got a sneak peak of our stairs

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