Friday, November 11, 2011

Play at Home Mom

 if she spots a pillow it is a MUST to head straight to it for a rest
 this look! i get it everyday and it melts me.
 a girl and her nails
you can't tell in this picture but she is sitting in her shopping cart
and when mom turns her back she stands.

I love my job and being a play at home mom, but we have had a week! Today (finally) they seem more like themselves and as I type are laughing and feeding each other cereal. 

I hoping, if I get a chance today, to share some updates on Anika. Remember, back in May, when I asked some of you to join me and team up with Moments with Love to raise money for her hopeful adoption. You can find the post HERE.  Well, I can't wait to share with you her family.

HAPPY FRIDAY! It is  Friday right?

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