Thursday, November 8, 2012


i haven't been able to do any android actions lately because i can no longer send pics to my blog or email?? so here are some randoms...
ready for school

closet makeover

cora and mama's pumpkin (can i just admit that my arm was sore the next day). sweet nya didn't want her pumpkin to go outside.

a pet session for leslie

bo's pumpkin/brobee

our treats

dress up

o that glance

big girl bed!


  1. I'm SO in love with that closet & totally jealous of all the space too! That's definitely a downfall to living in an old house - teeny, tiny closets. That next to last picture of Naya is absolutely stunning!

    1. thanks april. o but your house is amaze, so worth not having the big closets. can't wait to see what you do w/ the space for your daughter (did your heart just drop when you read daughter?!). i will be following along!