Tuesday, November 13, 2012

here you go

i hate letting my post sit for weeks with no updates. i know it is a bummer when brandon checks the blog at the end of the day and still the same ol' post from a week ago. so here you go babe....
 just for you

our day

we woke from a slumber party downstairs so the girls dangerously jumped on and off the mattress

surprised girls with sprinkles in their oatmeal (nya just ate the sprinkles)

are so

cora proud to turn in her coins for salvation army

picked up 48 toothbrushes and toothpaste donations from the girl's dentist

girls got new pjs

two timeouts (both nya)

finished a part of one of the siblings gift-turned out great

organized and destroyed pantry

did a few posts for kcm (and you)

ate pizza for dinner


getting ready for night two of slumber party downstairs

no pictures thanks to a little someone sticking the memory stick in the computer AGAIN!!!


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