Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I started journals for the girls a few months back. I'm really making an effort to write as much as I can. My Mother in law always tells me that you can't remember it all and she's right. Brandon and I already share stories of Cora that the other has forgot.
Today I will write to Cora about our day

We pooped in the potty again (we as in Cora)
After potting she said "baby turn"
We torn up a Pampers box for our canvas to color
She brought me the butter and wanted a spoon (not to worry, she has never had butter)
She said "Awesome" to Brandon on the phone
We painted her fingernails and after they were dry she had me kiss each one and said "better" I think she thought the pink color was a boo boo!

How much cute can you fit into one day!

I made the journals through Tiny Prints

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