Monday, March 28, 2011


We have all come along way since Brandon has started traveling.

Today as Brandon was giving us girls hugs and kisses Cora ran into the other room and came back rolling Brandon's suitcase. It was so sweet. She brought him his suitcase, gave hugs/kisses and said "Bye Dada Bye".
She is adjusting so well.

Nya is too young to really know how much Dad travels (he started traveling when she was just a week old). She loves to cackle at him and give big smiles as long as she is in my arms.
She hardly notices her helmet anymore and it has only been a few short weeks.
She is adjusting so well.

I used to feel overburdened and that the child rearing was solely placed on me. I was even resentful for what Brandon had for dinner (wine and salmon), while I was eating like a 2 year old. I have went from the needy wife, crying as we dropped him off at the airport to a strong wife who knows she will get through the week. Although at times we have rough days, I know I'm the lucky one and I'm so thankful for my job.
I am adjusting so well.

I know it is hard for Brandon to leave, but today he had his first bag packed of "things" for his office. I think he was excited.
He is adjusting so well.

I am proud of our little family! I am ready to adjust to some new adjustments!


  1. omg...this is awesome. your sweet family of four is perfect. so glad you have this great perspective and attitude for what is happening now, and what's to come. you will adjust long as you four are together...all is well.

  2. I couldn't be a prouder aunt to see my two beautiful nieces grow into the amazing girls they are. I couldn't be a prouder sister to you, seeing as how I feel that you are super mom and always put everyone else before yourself. I couldn't be a prouder sister to Brandon because of how hard he has worked to get where he is at and how he would do anything to protect you and the girls. Your family makes me so excited for my own some day. Love you times 4.

  3. Your words mean more than you know. Thank you.