Wednesday, December 12, 2012

write to you

i never usually write much on my blog. the truth is, i'm not a very good writer. i'm not a good writer combined with the fact that i don't have good grammar, spelling or punctuation. these post are (mostly) for the girls, it is our way of documenting life and i feel i do better job doing that through pictures than words. but for today my girls i want to write to you.

if i could go back now and tell my younger self it would be ok, i would. i would tell her and i'm telling you, it will be ok.

life won't be how you plan it too. you will get your heart broken. you will love a love to find out they were a lesson. you will be gossiped about and lied to and it will be ok.

family is everything and family comes first.

be true to yourself.

be kind even when others aren't. be selfless. follow your heart. don't judge people. be honest and forgiving. stand up for others. take care of yourself. give yourself to the world. see the good in others. be gracious and be true to yourself.

your mistakes will not define you. how you handle your life's lessons will.
always know we love you and are so proud.

you might not get the best grades in class. you might not be a starter on your team. you might not get the job. if you try you will succeed. you might not agree with us. we might argue, but always know we love you and are so proud.

be curious and keep learning

at (almost) 35 i am still learning lessons. i'm not perfect, but i try to be good. i have many fails, and the people that love you will be there through those fails and lift you up. with each year i find i like myself better and care less about what people think, it is nice to not carry that burden. Life can/will be hard but so so worth it!! i'm still trying to figure out what i want to be when i grow up. for now, i'm working at the best job in the world.

i love you and it will be ok,


my inspiring friend shared this with me the other day

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