Wednesday, May 9, 2012

material possessions

Our, wickedly talented, Kansas City photographers Eran + Aubs recently wrote on their blog  about comparison. How we are always comparing ourselves; to other parents, to others in our profession  or aspiring to be someone/thing we aren't. She mentioned how one day playing with her kids she "got it" WHAT MATTERS. You can read her post in full here.

I responded to the post...
I love this and by the way YOU guys are "those" people (the people we want to be). The "people" that create such images and videos that mean so much to people. I can't imagine giving the gift that you do. I can't imagine creating something that would be someones most prized material possessions. It is so nice to hear people "get it" though, get what matters. Keep up your amazing work!

images from Eran + Aubs Photography

I can't say enough about the PICTURES and the video they captured for our Nya's first birthday. 

You can check out the Nya's birthday video
(it is the last video and password for video is eranaubs)

Now that you are in love and you have to use them for your next photo shoot. Just click the link below
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feel free to mention this blog post when booking

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