Monday, February 6, 2012

Brandon and I had a long overdue date night this weekend (thanks mom & dad) and our first stop was 

They had the most amazing vintage finds. Brandon and I could have just filled our car with half the store. I had been looking for a vintage map to do a Pinterest project and whala there she lay. I found a atlas from the 1950, it was perfect. While sipping their complementary cider the owner  asked me what I planned on doing with my find. She said, "O you only want 3 pages" and with a quick few tears she handed me my pages and said "Merry Christmas" in exchange she just wanted a shout out! 

Here is my finished project.

Indiana, Illinois & Missouri

Thank you Thistle!


  1. Looks so great Steph!!! I have been on the look out for great maps for too long now for a similar project I saw also, on the ever-amazing pinterest. You did a great job!!!

  2. Thanks Christine, it wasn't what i planned on but i like it. looovvvee pinterest!