Thursday, January 5, 2012

Agghhhh Today

65 in January, I'll take it!
We have been out for hours and now I have 1.5 pooped babes.

 i can't do it, it can't choose one to remove

 she is brave and she is fast, she went down the slide a kazillion times and didn't need mama once

i love taking pictures and i love my subjects. i have a few photographer friends and wonder if they cringe at my over edited pictures. i love how their work is clean, vibrant and crisp. never the less mama is going to shoot.


  1. Stephanie, I love your photos, and you do have some of the cutest subjects to shoot! I enjoy your work very much! Happy Shooting!

  2. I think your pictures are lovely! Everyone has their own style, which is one of the things that makes photography so much fun. It's art, there aren't any rules :) Shoot away!

  3. Thanks Stacy. April, very true thanks I needed that.