Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alright Mamas

Alright Mamas, today I am asking you. Will you join me?

Right now, I have two sleeping girls in their own rooms, bellies full and tired 
from playing with all their toys.

I am remembering being pregnant and how I worried if I was giving them the right start to a healthy existence and then nursing worried what about you eat/drink being the best for them. Then to bottles, my girls never had one drop of their bottle from the faucet. It was always from the purified water. Cleaning the bottles, o how we would scrub every part every night. 
Those bottles were exhaustively sanitized alright.


your child needs water and your only choice is giving them water that is so contaminated it could cause death, but you have no other choice.


About every 19 seconds a mother looses her child to a water related illness.


if YOU could help

please visit and consider joining us HERE

thank you superheros (moms)

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